The internet is great.  Watching old clips of “Sanford and Son” on Youtube. Googling girls you liked in high-school. All good stuff. But somewhere along the line we lost our way. Somewhere along the line, a friend became “a friend,” someone who you “poked,” not someone who’d drive you to the airport at 6:00 am or help you move a refrigerator. When was the last time you actually shook hands with someone? Or, instead of posting an anonymous flame, actually scowled at someone. And called them a douche-bag. Right to their face. While shaking with rage. Here at CBC 3.O we are committed to giving the internet back to the people. After all, that’s what we all are. Not “profile” and “gifs” of dancing lemurs. 3.0 wants a fleshier, hairier, sweatier internet. In a word, a more human internet. The internet used to be about a quick electronic missive to confirm a coffee date. Not lying on the couch until 5:00 am, a lap top resting on your chest like a death-bed tray of hospital cafeteria food, having a “cyber-fight” about Kiefer Sutherland with some 14-year old in New Zeland.Remember how in Rocky 3, how Rocky lost his way and had to go back to his roots? Back to the old, dank, grimy gym with the dirty spit buckets? And then in the end he beat Mr. T? That’s what we want.  To take the internet to the streets. And give it back to the people. And beat Mr. T.